Skild’s combined experience and skill set enables us to perform a very extensive range of services and operations, covering both engineering and hands on work.

Excerpts from our long list of offers include:

Electromechanical engineering services

Skild offers a broad range of engineering services, spanning from basic construction engineering to complex turn-key solutions within any field of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, control system and software development, material calculations and risk management

Rig surveys

Skild can assist in project planning and rig surveys to plan, support and verify client assessments and define scope and extension for any project.

Rig survey services include:
  • Defining scope of work to be performed
  • Defining and planning of project execution
  • Defining and assessing needs for special requirements
  • Determine solutions in accordance with both onshore and offshore parts of the organization
  • Planning and design of replacement equipment if MMO operations are ruled out

Drilling equipment overhaul

The extensive experience accumulated by our three partner companies enables us to offer our clients in-house solutions covering every part of every project we embark on. Examples include:
  • Dismantling of equipment and post-overhaul installation
  • Sand blasting, NDT and equipment inspection
  • Repair and machining of equipment if and when required
  • In-house, certified welder capable of handling any welding procedure regarding repairs and damage control
  • Certification of lifting equipment
  • Reassembly and workshop testing procedures
  • Commissioning of installed overhauled equipment
  • Offshore and on-site overhaul for any project

Control system and E&I engineering

Including PLC programming, Scada HMI system and remote login and support services. We customize the setup for each application and believe that the best solution are found in cooperation with customer and Skild engineer team, contact us for further information.

Spare part storage and production

  • Skild offers spare parts throughout the JL Offshore product range.
  • Skild can supply spare part or fabricate replacements based on customer needs.
  • We offer storage and maintenance of equipment by request.
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