High quality hardware for onshore and offshore use

From spare parts and control systems to one-of-a-kind custom designs, Skild offers a wide range of high quality hardware for onshore and offshore use.

A small selection from our product range includes:

Custom and tailor-made solutions
for offshore/onshore MMO work, including:

  • Service workshop containers
  • Hydraulic containers for hoses and piping
  • Electrical containers for electrical parts and modification
  • Test unit containers for hydraulic equipment
  • Test containers for VFD and PLC control for local full range testing
  • Special designed lifting equipment

Control system upgrade
and E&I services, including:

  • Control system upgrades and replacements, including OEM software independent systems based on client demands, functional descriptions, cause and effect and authorial approval.

In Center™ Improved Tripping Stab
and Dope system

  • The In Center™ Improved tripping efficiency stab and dope function is designed to keep offshore personnel out of red zones.
  • Ensures stabile stabbing of single and stand in WC, increasing rig productivity
  • Full roughneck pipe range
  • Retrofit for Aker MH / NOV roughneck
  • No integration needed towards existing control system
  • Patented technology

To download InCenter specification and data, click here

Well Intervention Pumps

  • Our patented well intervention pumps are suitable for a wide range of operations
  • Constant speed eliminates need for costly speed control device, clutches, multiple stage gearboxes and more.
  • Small footprint
  • Variable stroke, 0-100%, step less while running for accurate volume, pressure and flow control
  • Soft start; no shock load on piping and well equipment.
  • PLC controlled; Able to run at constant pressure, constant flow or fixed volume.
  • Perfect for MPD and pressure testing.
  • Wide flow/pressure range for each plunger size.
  • No need to replace fluid end body when changing plunger size
  • For more information on the Skild range of well intervention pumps, click here

Skild personnel lifts and cherry pickers

Skild offers a wide range of customized and standardized personnel lifts and cherry pickers, reducing the need for riding belts or climbers, ensuring safe operator access to operational areas.

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